Is your team
Team lazy horses!
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Team lazy horses!
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Team Sleepy sloths
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Team Sleepy sloths
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ready for an Oscar worthy performance?
A new team-building mixer by

Only on desktop, for now


Charades is designed to be played in teams. Optimised for max conversations & total fun!

Audio + Video

We have audio and video built right inside Thursday. Drop your boring socials on Zooom.

4.2 Avg rating

All our mixers are 4+ rating from users, and constantly rising. We bet your team will love it.

No installing.
No signup.
No ads.
No work.
No boring.


Thursday is made by True Sparrow, a product studio and is completely free to use. In fact, you can host socials without even signing up.
You can host a social and invite up to 200 participants. So go ahead and invite your team.
Mixers are fun and engaging social activities played in small groups. Currently on air: Drunk Startups, Doodle Race, Trivia, Would You Rather, 2 truths & a lie, Charades, Speed 1-on-1, Mindful Talks, and Know Your Team.
Yes, there has to be a host who can drive the social. The host can add/remove mixers depending on what the team is enjoying and how long they want the social to go on.
Can you handle the drama?