Is your team crazy enough
can’t stop starting up
Mugshot with 1's image
has crazy ideas every week
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thinks drinks + ideation = next unicorn
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always up for whiteboarding
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to come up with the big thing?

Whiteboarding like you’ve never seen before by

Only on desktop, for now

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Drunk startup helps your team learn how to work & collaborate together in a new way.

Fun + Engaging

Our mixer ensures that each & every member gets an opportunity to express themselves.


All the fun while keeping it fresh. Drunk startup can get super competitive.

Ideate on some craaaaaazy ideas

Given a crazy idea, can your team come up with an even more crazier solution in 15 minutes?

Pick your moonshot

You’ve created quite a few brilliant ideas. Time to mix them up, throw others and finalise on the one.

Time to pitch

The D-day is here. The time to take it back to the lounge and convince your larger team that your idea is THE ONE!

The best remote teams love Thursday