Do you know your teammates
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well enough?
A new team-building mixer, by

Only on desktop, for now


2 truths & a lie is designed to be played in teams. Optimised for max conversations & total fun!

Audio + Video

We have audio and video built right inside Thursday. Drop your boring socials on Zooom.

4.2 Avg rating

All our mixers are 4+ rating from users, and constantly rising. We bet your team will love it.

Synchronous time is expensive.
Make the most out of it!
1 Mixer per social
You can play any mixer once on Thursday.
Unlimited Mixers
Doodle race, Trivia, Would you rather, 2 Truths & a lie, Charades and many more.
Social Templates
Start a quick social with a single click. One for all occasions.
No card required, cancel anytime
For more than 500 users
Up to 200 participants per social
No time limit
*Pay only for ACTIVE USERS (team members who used thursday in the billing cycle)
No installing.
No ads.
No work.
No boring.


Thursday has a free tier where you can start a social and invite your whole team, but it is limited to one mixer. To experience unlimited mixers and all our templates, check out the Team plan.
You can host a social and invite up to 200 participants. So go ahead and invite your team.
In our Team plan, we only bill you for active users. Active users are the ones who participate in at least one of our activities in a given billing cycle.
Mixers are fun and engaging social activities played in small groups. Currently on air: Drunk Startups, Doodle Race, Trivia, Would You Rather, 2 truths & a lie, Charades, Speed 1-on-1, Mindful Talks, and Know Your Team.
Yes, there has to be a host who can drive the social. The host can add/remove mixers depending on what the team is enjoying and how long they want the social to go on.
Who’s the best liar in your team?